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Cost of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Wyoming

cost of trenchless sewer repair Cheyenne

When looking into sewer services in Wyoming, you may find yourself overwhelmed by options. Regardless of whether you’re trying to repair a commercial, industrial, municipal, historical, or residential sewer line, it’s important to be aware of the benefits of various types of repairs, as well as their costs. There are two main methods of repairing or replacing sewer lines - traditional repairs and trenchless repairs. These terms are considered umbrella terms, which can be applied to multiple plumbing services and industries. However, these two services come at very different prices, both upfront and hidden. Here at Marv’s Sewer, we’re here to help you figure out the best option for you, so you can get your plumbing problems fixed as soon as possible.

cost of trenchless sewer repair Wyoming

Cost of Traditional Repairs

Before discussing the cost of traditional repairs, let’s discuss what traditional repairs are. Traditional repairs have been around since the beginning of plumbing as an industry. They are able to fix a wide range of issues, but require an excavation the length, depth, and diameter of your pipe in order to complete inspections, repairs, or replacements. Since digging is necessary to access your pipes using traditional methods, oftentimes damage will be done to landscapes, flooring, driveways, and even roads in order for your pipe’s service to be completed.

While excavation is sometimes necessary, plumbing companies that offer only traditional repairs are generally unable to include the cost of repairing the excavated ground or city permits in their quotes. Moreover, the equipment required to complete the excavation can sometimes be costly. City permits and licenses become necessary when you begin excavation that affects the city streets or interrupt a sidewalk or other city-managed property. These kinds of licenses can be very expensive, ranging from $3,000-$6,000, depending on what is needed to repair or replace your damaged sewer line.

Traditional repair methods are sometimes referred to as “dig and replace” pipe services. The dig and replace method can be used for repairs and general inspections as well as full replacements, and tends to cost around $50-$250 or more per foot. It is important to keep in mind that this number is highly changeable, due to the many variables present in every plumbing or sewer repair service. Some of these variables include the length and depth of the existing pipes, ease of access, condition and age of your current pipes, and your pipes’ material.

Entirely replacing a sewer line that runs from your home or business to where it connects to the public sewer system can cost somewhere $3,000-$6,000 with dig and replace methods; however, if the project is more complex that number can quickly balloon.

Traditional repairs often take longer to complete, due to the intricacies and demands of the excavation process. Moreover, while most plumbing companies do refill the trench, they do not correct harm that has been done to the landscaping or hardscaping above the line. These repairs can impact patios, porches, driveways, parking lots, walls, shrubbery, trees, flowers, grass, sidewalks, streets, and flooring - and the cost of those renovations or remodels falls on you. Renovating your home or lawn can cost into the thousands, and can add significant time to the overall project.

Cost of Trenchless Repairs Wyoming

In 1998, industry professionals developed a new way to service pipes and sewers while skipping the excavation. Trenchless pipe repairs quickly became used by plumbing and pipeline professionals across the world due to their improved efficiency and effectiveness. These methods are more eco-friendly, longer-lasting, and faster than traditional repairs. Whereas coule end up waiting multiple weeks for a traditional sewer line repair or replacement to be completed, most trenchless-offering companies can finish their work in as little as one day. Moreover, there’s much less disruption to daily life and most trenchless repairs are more high-quality than traditional repairs.

Trenchless repairs are called ‘trenchless’ or ‘no-dig’ because they only use small, oftentimes pre-existing entry points in order to access your pipes and plumbing systems. There’s no excavation necessary at all in most cases. When excavation is necessary, however, it’s oftentimes minimal and not even noticeable, generally involving only drilling two small access points at the beginning and the end of your line. These small access points won’t require repair after the project is complete, and any filling of drill holes will be included in your service estimate.

Trenchless Repair Methods

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is the preferred way to replace entire lengths of pipes without digging. This method is usually used on old or extremely damaged pipes that would not be able to be otherwise repaired. Pipe bursting uses hydraulic equipment to push a bursting head through the old pipe, breaking it apart and pushing its fragments into the surrounding earth. As the bursting head goes through, a new pipe is pulled into place so there is no lapse in usability. All repairs are completed underground, out of sight, and often in under a day.

The cost of pipe bursting can range from $60-$200 per foot. That said, average per foot costs and overall project costs depend on many factors including the length and depth of the pipe, the type of pipe, and ease of access among many other things. The only way to get an accurate assessment of your project’s cost is to talk to pipe replacement professionals, like the knowledgeable staff at Marv’s Plumbing, for a quote.

Pipe Lining

If your pipes are still stable enough to handle a repair, our highly-trained technicians will utilize pipe lining to repair any existing damage. Pipe lining involves using epoxy resin to create a new pipe within your old one, and generally costs between $80-$250 per foot. Again, this is a rough estimate for reference, and actual costs are impossible to determine without actually evaluating your pipes. A few factors that impact the cost of trenchless pipe lining are pipe diameter, pipe material, and the overall condition of the line.

Why Go Trenchless?

There are several reasons to choose trenchless repairs over traditional repairs. Marv’s Sewer offers trenchless repairs to Cheyenne, WY area residents and businesses not only because this method is significantly more convenient to our clients, but also because it is more effective than traditional repairs. Our preliminary camera inspections show us the problem so we can address it with precision, and our pipe repair and replacement materials are guaranteed to last for decades. Additionally, trenchless pipe repairs are a far more environmentally-friendly option. Our pipe cleaning method, hydro jetting, uses only clean water which saves pipes and the environment from exposure to harsh chemicals. Moreover, major excavation equipment is not needed, so the emissions from these large machines can be avoided when you opt for trenchless repairs.

Trenchless methods are also great for making sure that your home or commercial property is in good condition prior to purchase. If you’re a new business owner or homeowner, it is a good idea to get a plumbing inspection before signing your final papers. Trenchless repairs can save you big bucks in the short-term as well as long-term by clearly identifying any potential problems in your plumbing system. Buildings over forty years old are prone to plumbing concerns,making these especially good candidates for preliminary inspection.

Types of Trenchless Repairs: The term “trenchless” covers a variety of repairs, replacements, and services including:

  • Point repair
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Pipe bursting
  • Slip-lining
  • Relining
  • Camera inspections
  • Drain cleaning
  • Tree root invasion clearing

Marv’s Sewer offers pipe lining, pipe bursting, and camera inspections among other trenchless repair methods to customers throughout Wyoming. These services are each specially-designed to address any problem we may encounter in your pipes, and can all be completed without digging.

Pipe lining is a method of trenchless pipe repair that utilizes a specialized epoxy resin to coat the inside of your pipes and seal off any damage that may exist. This is accomplished by saturating a felt tube with the resin, feeding it into your pipe, and inflating the tube to press the epoxy into the line’s interior. Once the resin hardens, it creates a new, jointless pipe that is guaranteed to last up to 50 years.

Hydro-jetting is a trenchless way to safely clear your drains of even the most stubborn clogs. It uses highly pressurized water, which is shot out through a multi-directional nozzle at 4,000 PSI, to thoroughly clean pipes of any debris or buildup that may be present. Not only is this method extremely ecologically friendly, but it’s also highly efficient. Hydro-jetting can dislodge heavy clogs, tree root invasions, and infestations leaving your pipes clean and ready for examination or service.

Pipe bursting is the use of a hydraulic system to insert a new pipe into the place of an old fractured or broken pipe. The debris from the old pipe is pushed into the surrounding soil and the new pipe fits seamlessly into the already existing space.

Slip-lining and relining are oftentimes used interchangeably, though they aren’t exactly the same process. Slip-lining is when a new liner is installed inside a pipe. This liner is oftentimes made of epoxy and is effective against tree root invasions, provides a slick surface that clogs won’t cling to, and is much more durable than a regular pipe. These liners can be used on a variety of pipe surfaces, though they’re frequently used for cast-iron pipes as they are prone to deterioration. Relining is the process of replacing an old epoxy lining with a new, undamaged one.

Camera inspections are how the pros at Marv’s plumbing are able to give our customers a detailed look at their pipes and determine what (if any) service is needed. We utilize a waterproof HD camera which sends a live feed to a monitoring system, carefully tracked and watched by a plumbing technician. This live feed can sometimes be copied onto a hard-drive or DVD disk so you can see the condition of your pipes for yourself. Camera inspections are being used more frequently as the investigation method for pipes, since it’s non-invasive and much faster than traditional inspections/investigations.

With each trenchless method, Marv’s Sewer is there for you, step by step. We provide personalized customer care and are happy to tailor a solution for you. From point repair and pipe bursting to camera inspections and pipe lining, your pipes are safe with us.

Why Marv’s Sewer?

Marv’s Sewer has over two hundred and ninety years of combined experience, and we have been providing the state of Wyoming with excellent service for over forty-seven years. There’s a reason why we have many five-star plumbing reviews and happy customers. We get the job done right the first time, so you don’t ever have to call us to come fix our work.

We are always available - we’re open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week so you are never alone in a time of emergency. You don’t decide when your water main will collapse, or when your toilet will explode. Those things just happen, and that’s why we’re here for you with the right tools, equipment, and experience to fix your problem fast.

We have Master and Journeyman plumbing licenses, all of our contractors have A & B licenses, and our plumbers and HVAC technicians are enrolled in continuous education programs guaranteeing we provide you with the most advanced service methods available. We are fully insured and bonded, and we are always proud to welcome veterans to our staff. We have a fleet of twenty-two vehicles on call for you at all times, and a staff of friendly and knowledgeable employees that are always happy to answer your call and offer solutions.

We specialize in plumbing, sewer services, heating, and air-conditioning services making us a one-stop shop for most of the Cheyenne area’s maintenance needs. We offer both residential and commercial services, so no matter the nature of scope of your project we can help. We believe in providing high-quality services at affordable prices, so all of our staff are willing to sit and discuss your budget needs with you.

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