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Pinhole Leaks in Cheyenne, WY,
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A lot of the time you will see or hear information about steel water pipe systems; however, there are other materials that are used in different plumbing systems. Copper is another type of metal that is used for a water system. As with any pipeline material, there is information you need to learn about in regards to each material you have within your home or property. Copper is a less common material used within a plumbing system. One of the problems that can arise depending on the age of the pipes is called a pinhole leak. A pinhole leak is specific to a copper water system. At Marvs Plumbing and Heating, we strive to provide Cheyenne residents with the best and highest quality services to our customers. All of the services we offer are affordable, long-lasting, and reliable.

Cheyenne Wyoming Pinhole Leaks

Signs Your Cheyenne Pipes are Leaking

The damage of the pinhole leak will depend on the age of the pipes themselves. Generally, if they are older in age then you are going to start seeing signs of wear and tear. If you start seeing your water bill go increasingly higher there is a potential leak. You will also start seeing dimples around the pipes or the copper will start looking like leather. You will also hear dripping sounds or you see discoloration around the walls. Your home may also develop mold or mildew especially around the water sources.

What Causes Pinhole Leak?

The causes of pinhole leak are usually created through the buildup of corrosion over time. Copper pipes have a lifeline of generally 20 plus years; however, overtime the minerals within the water can cause blockages within the pipes and eventually cause the pinhole to leak. Corrosion within the pipes can eat away at the copper therefore weakening the plumbing system. The major cause of corrosion in the interior of these pipes are called chloramines. Chloramines are a group of chemical compounds which contain chlorine and ammonia. Chloramines are often used in the process to help disinfect drinking water. Other potential causes to a pinhole leak is how close the fittings are on the pipes and how fast the velocity of the water is moving through the pipes.

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