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How to Avoid Plumbing Nightmares

What’s Scarier than Clowns Roaming the Streets?

Plumbing and Heating Nightmares

Listen to any news story over the last few weeks and you are likely to be scared to leave your home! Add to that the fact that October is Halloween Month and you may think the best idea is to stay inside and pull down the shades!

Well, if you decide to do that — and we aren’t saying you should — make sure scary stuff is not also happening inside your home. After all, staying warm, dry, and comfortable is the name of the game when you are at home.

At Marv’s Plumbing & Heating, we want to help you make sure your home is a refuge from all the madness of the outside world.

Here are 6 Tips to help you avoid Plumbing and Heating Nightmares this month and all year long:

1. Keep grease out of your drains.

This causes clogged pipes and can lead to a costly plumbing bill. Never mind the mess it can create in your home. Used cooking oils are insanely damaging to your garbage disposal. After you put something down the garbage disposal, it is recommended to run cold water at full pressure for at least fifteen seconds. If you realize that there is an issue with your garbage disposal, and you cannot seem to find the issue, Marv’s Plumbing and Heating can come and get your garbage back to pristine condition in no time. Call 307-316-7634.

2. Do not buy flushable wipes.

While this product may be flushable in ideal circumstances, you cannot always know the condition of your pipes and side sewer line. It is best to avoid them as they can clog up your line. You need to remember that things such as paper towels and even thicker toilet paper can begin to clog up your pipes, and flushable wipes fall into that category.

3. Learn where to shut off the main water supply to your home.

If you are experiencing a leak in your home and water is flooding, the most important thing you can do is shut off the main water supply to your house to prevent further damage. The main water shut off valve can be found in your basement near the front foundation wall, in the crawl space, or near the water heater. To turn off the main water supply simply turn the valve to the right (clockwise) as far as it goes with a wrench. Call Marv’s Plumbing & Heating; we can come out 7 days a week and find the location of the leak and get your water back on as soon as possible.

4. Keep the area around your furnace free of snow and debris.

Your furnace may shut off automatically if it cannot vent properly. Make sure you keep the area clear, and know how to locate the emergency shut off for your furnace so if it shuts off you can turn it back on. Make sure that the dampers are open. If they are closed it can prevent heat from entering the room. Also, make sure that the registers are not blocked by things such as rugs, furniture, or blankets. If your furnace still seems to not work, check the filter. Many times the filter just needs changed, and as soon as you change it you will notice a change in temperature. If the filter is dirty it will cause the furnace to overwork for no reason.

5. Get your sewer line inspected with a camera.

We feel this should be included in every home inspection because if you don’t know what is lurking in your pipes then how can you avoid a plumbing emergency? Aging sewer lines are prone to damage over time from a variety of factors, including tree roots which can invade the line, or waste building up and corroding the pipes. Marv’s Plumbing and Heating offers a camera with a home inspection for a reasonable price of only $150. Once you get your sewer inspected with a camera, we provide you with a copy of the video. Cameras also allow us to see what the cause of the backup is. We can then take the necessary measures to ensure that your sewer system gets cleared. See our Coupons and Special Offers for a free Sewer Line Inspection with Purchase of Main Line Cleaning.

6. Get familiar with your utility bills.

If you notice an unexpected increase in the monthly cost, it could mean you have an undetected leak in your plumbing system. An increase in your heating bill could also mean that your furnace is not running efficiently. Getting familiar with your utility bills can help you discover an issue that has not even popped up yet. This could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Marv’s Plumbing & Heating can inspect your furnace and your plumbing system to make sure you are not letting money fly out the door.

Keep the Marv’s Plumbing & Heating phone number handy at all times so you can avoid Plumbing and Heating Nightmares. 307-316-7634.

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