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Hire A Licensed Plumber

It is Halloween, so gather around to hear a scary story about:

What happens when you don’t hire a licensed plumber

As told to us by a frightened customer:

One dark and stormy winter night, as I was sitting in my beautiful home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I realized that every time I flushed the toilet raw sewage would come up through the drain into my bathtub. I was horrified and thought the best thing to do was to call the first phone number I found for a plumber. I was desperate and needed someone as quickly as possible.

Frantically, I searched for an emergency plumber online and called the first number I saw. I did not do any research, and I later learned that I should have. Experience has since taught me that you should have the number of a trusted, reliable, and licensed plumber handy at all times, aka Marv’s at 307-316-7634

A young, timid man arrived and began asking me questions I did not know the answers to, like “Where is your sewer clean-out?” Since I could not answer his questions he set out naively into the inky dark night to search for the clean-out outside of my house. In the meantime I noticed my bathtub was half-full of raw sewage. The situation was growing more dire and terrifying by the minute. This needed to get taken care of immediately. I was starting to panic.

This seemingly knowledgeable man told me that all he had to do was run a rooter cable through my sewer line, and that this would clear the clog in my sewer line. He explained that once the sewer line was clear the raw sewage would empty from my tub and the drains would start working properly. He seemed so confident in what he was saying that I believed that he knew what he was doing.

Suddenly, I heard an ominous knock at the door. He was back, and what he told me next sent shivers up my spine. He had located the sewer clean-out but a tree root had grown into it. This tree root was preventing him from putting the rooter cable into the sewer line.

Immediately I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I have that sewer line video scoped and cleaned like my mother suggested?” She used the professional plumber’s at Marv’s Plumbing and Heating, and they cleared her roots before raw sewage could collect in her bath tub. Well, too late for that. I should have just called them in the first place.

The plumber shakily told me he was new on the job and didn’t have much experience. He tried to reassure me by explaining that since the line was blocked he would have to clear it from inside. He seemed unnerved and unsure about the task that needed to be accomplished. He seemed so confident at first, and now he was the complete opposite. His lack of confidence was starting to make me panic, and for good reason because what he did next has forever scarred me!

He walked nervously toward the bathroom with his tools shaking mightily in his hands. I averted my eyes as he pulled the toilet from the floor and raw sewage began to flood the entire bathroom and seep out into the living room!!!

He ran to his truck and grabbed a shop vac and tried to soak up the mess as quickly as possible, but needless to say the damage was already done. He gave up at this point! I had to hire another plumber, and a restoration company to come to my apartment to clean and sanitize my apartment.

Moral of this PLUMBING HORROR STORY: always call an experienced, reliable, and affordable licensed plumber when you are facing a plumbing emergency.  They know how to handle problems like this in a professional and efficient way. Also take my advice and have your sewer line inspected once a year so you can avoid plumbing emergencies. A clear and clean sewer line won’t back up and won’t allow raw sewage to collect in your bath tubs, sinks, and showers.

Happy Halloween!

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