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3 Ways Tree Roots Can Damage Your Pipes

Trees are wonderful in front of a home or business. Providing shade and privacy, they’re often more beautiful the taller they get. However, the strong, growing roots underneath the surface can cause costly damage to your pipes.

Straining Pipes

Root systems are extremely powerful. Often you aren’t aware of the damage they can inflict unless they’ve already done it. As they grow slowly in search of water, roots too close to your sewer system can place a considerable amount of strain on a pipe or joint. This often breaks the pipe, resulting in a costly repair or replacement. If your pipe already has a small crack, tree roots can turn something small into an unwanted disaster.

Growing Through the Pipes

Designed to feed the plant, tree roots will travel long distances to find water. In periods of drought, they’ll break through anything to get what they need. Tree roots can find water by following the trail of moisture vapors escaping from small cracks, holes or poorly sealed joints in water and sewer lines. If a tree root finds your water line with a small leak, it will penetrate these openings to reach the nutrients and moisture inside the pipes, potentially causing a major leak.

Complete Blockage

If tree roots have begun to grow through the pipes in search of water, they’ll eventually completely fill a pipe with multiple hair-like root masses at each point of entry. These root wads act as a catch-all for grease and other debris flowing from homes to the main sewer line, causing a major clog. Clogs can result in reduced flow and slowed drains, and serious damage to your system. A complete blockage may occur if the roots are not removed. With nowhere to go, wastewater and sewage may back up into your home.

Work with Marv’s Plumbing & Heating

At Marv’s Plumbing & Heating, we have years of experience repairing and replacing pipes damaged by tree roots. With the latest technology, we’ll help you get your system back on track and running better than ever. We’ll create a repair schedule that works for your life and support you every step of the way. To learn more about our sewer repair and replacement services, contact our team of professionals anytime to get started.

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